Tips That Will Make You a Better League of Legends Player

No matter how good you are and how much you encourage other players to work for a great rank, there will still be a handful of them who would seek to use hacking softwares for an easy way out. There are others who would seek services to get out of the game’s tough ELO ranking system by using professional ELO boosting services such as Boosteria. But if you’re diligent enough to achieve goals the right way, you may want to check back at what you’re missing to become a better player.

The primary rule, whenever you’re in a match, is to consistently stock up on wards. It is not only the supporters job to purchase wards but everyone in the team needs to do so. Having wards assists the team with an incredible asset which lets you easily target your enemies simply by plotting from the map. Even though you’re saving up your gold for a legendary weapon, having wards gives you an extra set of eyes around the arena.

Other than having wards, it is also important to master at least one champion. Studying your favorite champion inside and will greatly benefit your selection of skills and when to use them during tight situations. You could also get to know other champions as well of their unique abilities that you could easily use to your advantage before they even get a chance to surprise you.

Last but not least, if you’ve been going through a rough time with losing streaks, don’t take the chance to go for ranked matches. The last thing you’ll need to be a better League of Legends player is to have your rank drop significantly in a couple of matches.

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