The Importance of Having Electric Boilers For Central Heating

Why do you need to have electric boilers for central heating? Why is it so important? As you see, there are lots of places where using gas as a network supply can no longer be approved. Like for example, in the United Kingdom, some of the houses or other buildings are not allowed to use gas or oil in their boiler. And because of that situation, it will be hard for the people to have hot water. That’s why the electric boilers are the perfect solution to solve this problem. Not all outputs of electric boilers are the same, but the usual output is between 6kW to 27kW.

Before choosing to buy an electric boiler for central heating, you should know what kind of model you want to have and installed in your house. There are two available models of it: the Compact Electric Central Heating Boiler and the EPlus Electric Central Heating Boiler. If you don’t have any idea what these models are and how they differ from one another then here is a brief description of each model.

The Compact Boiler is only a heat only or system boiler. You cannot use it to heat or even control your domestic how water cylinder because it only heats in your radiators. The available output that it can give to you is starting from 6kW up to the 27kW. The 6kW and 9kW are available in 240 volts which are also called as Single Phase while the rest available outputs are in 415 volts which is a Three Phase. The Eplus electric boiler is the kind of boilers that use heat radiators. Unlike the compact boiler, this boiler can use and control your domestic hot water cylinder. Its availability of outputs is the same as the compact.

Both models are self-contained electric boilers, and the only thing that you need to make sure is to have a room stat which should be a volt free contact and should be an extra filling loop. Looking for these two things might be difficult, so it would be better to just purchase it from the Flexiheat Company.

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