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Switching to E-Commerce


Is your traditional company slowly failing? Have you tried using various different methods in hopes of creating more chances for your business to grow? There are different ways yet most of them seem too costly or far fetched. One of the most popular ways to salvage your business is to switch to e-commerce. E-commerce allows your company to be mostly or entirely online. There are various benefits for doing so:

  • Geographic limitations – one of the benefits of e-commerce is that location will not longer be an issue. If your store is located in an area that is hard to find, then with e-commerce you will not need to worry about that any more.
  • Cost effective – another benefit of e-commerce is that it could be cost effective. This is mainly because factors that may cost a large sum of money would completely removed from the company’s cost. For example, you will not need to worry about the cost of a store. Additionally, you will not need to pay employees to help run and maintain the store.
  • Gain new customers – another advantage of switching to e-commerce would be that you would be able to gain more customers. With a having your very own website, your company will be part of the vast nature of the internet. Thus, potential customers will be able to find out about your business with ease using search engines or social media, for example.

All of the benefits seem great, but how do you go about switching to e-commerce? Companies such as web design Malaysia are well equipped with fulfilling these requirements. They have the necessary skills to help ease the process of switching to e-commerce. For example, they will able to design a fully functional website that runs without any issues to create the user experience for new customers.

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Top Malaysian Web Design Companies

Top Malaysian Web Design Companies

Top Malaysian Web Design Companies

The Web Design Industry is reaching great heights and it is hard to choose a great company to work with when you get a lot of options in the market. So here I will be your angel and help you decide on a local company in Malaysia that will not only help you get the result you want but also help you grow as a company or an individual. So I give you the Top 10 Malaysian Web Design Companies.


Bootstability (Malaysia Division). Bootstability was established in 2009, it began with the affordability of SEO in mind. The founder want to help small businesses grow their business without paying a big price for it and providing an effective online marketing solutions. It is in their core values to be honest to their clients and also give them the best they can give. They now also offer a lot of variety when it comes to websites and one of that is Web Design Malaysia.


Bruce Clay (Malaysia Division). Bruce Clay is an Internet marketing optimization company which means they help market your business in the internet. Bruce Clay has been a top search engine optimization company since 1996 but they are also a great Web Design Company that can help you grow your business.


Sterrific Agency Web Design. One of the best Web Design companies worldwide is Sterrific Agency Web Design. It has helped over 500 companies and government agencies worldwide over the past 10 years.

Sterrific Agency, another top web design agencies in Malaysia, says in their website, “We don’t just build websites. We love building it”. I think it says a lot to the product that they produce when they love their job. They are only a small team so they can cater to a big part of the market but this gives you the chance to talk to them one on one and give them the big idea you have for your business and for your website.


Sterrific Agency, is a creative and technology agency specialized in making brands phenomenal. They want to help clients connect to their consumers and via multiple effective marketing channels. If you see their website you will definitely want to start here because they have an excellent web site.

These websites may be in competition with each other but one thing is for sure, whatever or whoever you choose, they will definitely help you, whether you’re a beginner or a professional; and whether it be for your personal use or for your business.

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