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2 Foods To Avoid If You Are Dealing With Acne

Teen Health 3

Teen Health 3

Have you been browsing online health boards trying to find some way to help you deal with some acne issues that you may have? If that is true, then you will have noticed that a lot of the advice that you see online are simply about fixing your diet to deal with acne problems. So here are a few foods to avoid helping you with acne issues.

1. Sugary drinks & food
That does not mean that you can never eat delicious sweets again. A lot of people can still enjoy some candy now and again without needing to worry about acne issues. But if you take a look at health advice on teen health boards, then you would see that a lot of them will say that avoid soda and other sugary foods as much as you can.

Because insulin not only increases androgen production and associated sebum production but also releases specific growth factors from inflammatory processes in the body, acne care should be taken to avoid high blood sugar fluctuations.

In order to facilitate the healing of acne, it is recommended to abstain from any foods that cause the blood sugar levels to rise sharply. These are mostly sugar-rich foods – food with a high glycemic load or even white rice, cereal, cakes, pastry and pasta, sugary soft drinks, to name a few things.

2. Refined Carbs
Wheat products promote acne food that rapidly raises blood sugar and contains the controversial gluten is white bread. Wheat is not only problematic with acne but also brings many different health risks. The good news is that there are tons of other delicious foods that are excellent for your skin to help against acne. For example, you could try and eat more fruits and veggies as part of your diet!

Not only is avoiding these foods going to help you with your acne, it would be good for your health overall too. After all, for health for teens, a proper diet is the number one way to grow up healthy. And that is why you may want to fix your diet if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, especially while you are still young.

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