Dogs of Singapore

Plastered over a local coffee shop, ‘Puppy for sale’ Singapore is among the many countries that are home to a variety of stray dogs. The plight to encourage adoption has been rather difficult as the highly competitive country struggles to put on the table in the current economy. An alternative for those who wish to own dogs but are unable to provide a permanent home for them, some organizations and pounds allow members of the public to foster dogs or puppies when overcrowding occurs.

The dogs of Singapore stand from various backgrounds, from luxurious owners of breeds such as the elegant poodle Singapore is also host to stray dogs kept by local coffee shops and road side stalls. From golden retrievers to pugs and Maltese pooches, the financially unchallenged counterparts of the population have no problem affording toys and clothing for their furry friends. On the other hand, dogs without owners will have to struggle to make ends meet by accepting food offered by strangers.

To manage the growing population stray dogs in Singapore, Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) is dedicated to giving strays a second chance at life by actively hosting adoption campaigns to increase the chances of dogs getting adopted instead of having them end up in animal shelters for prolonged periods of time. Strays that reside in these shelters are at risk of getting euthanized when the shelter runs out of space to contain them. Adopt a dog Singapore is a program by ASD organization where members of the public can adopt a pooch of their very own.

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