Day: July 4, 2018

Best Sous Vide Machines According to Reviews


Preparing food using the sous vide cooking method requires the involvement of machines to ensure the effectiveness of the preparation which can be validated in the end product of the food. There also have been questions being asked by those who are interested in getting started with sous vide cooking especially on the types of machines which are required in sous vide cooking. Based on reviews and ratings by various parties, the sous vide machine which is standing at the top of the ranks would be the ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide.

The reason for it being at the top of the ranks is with its minimalist and simple design and the voltage capability of 1100 watts, enabling the process of sous vide to be quicker. This immersion circulator is controlled through a mobile app through the connection of Bluetooth and WiFi which limits the controls only through your smartphone. More information regarding this immersion circulator can be found on the Sous Vide Wizard website. Another top ranking sous vide machine would be the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker. Just like the Joule which was mentioned above, the Anova Sous Vide machine is also controlled through the Anova app which is equipped to ensure the effectiveness of the cooking.

Compared to the Joule, the Anova machine is slightly larger and is capable of a lower voltage which is 900 watts. However, the power produced is still sufficient to ensure the sous vide cooking completes in a short amount of time. The differences between the two machines are that the Anova actually allows adjustment and control on the machine itself, which gives users more choices of control when cooking using the sous vide method. The existence of these machines certainly solves the problems for users when having questions on how to cook sous vide.

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